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Before I share the details of my professional experience.  Here is what you really want to know and what's most important.

Over the last 6 years I have been walking this entrepreneurial journey.  When I started I saw an opportunity to create wealth, leave a legacy, impact the world and even redefine myself in the process.  Given my professional experience and educational background I was sure I could grow my own business.  And I have, but the process hasn't looked ANYTHING like I thought it would.   Honestly, I thought it would be a lot easier than it has been.

I've been in a place where I was working hard, making great impact but not getting paid much of anything.  I've been in a place where I was traveling and speaking on stages, and STILL making little to no money.  I have been overwhelmed, I've had information overload.  I've hustled and stayed up all night working in my business.  

But none of these are my story today.  Okay well I occasionally stay up all night but nowadays its out of pure love of what I do and not because I'm desperately trying to make money. And that didn't work anyway. 

And it has been one thing that has allowed me to move from struggle-prenuer to operating as a true CEO, with both time and money freedom. That one thing has been operating has been understanding THE FORMULA for online business. The thing that has helped me most is understanding that brand clarity must come first.  It is only AFTER I got clarity around my brand that I then was able to gain momentum with building my audience, and increasing my revenue.  This has been the one thing that has moved me from what seemed like constant frustration to days filled with excitement.

Professional Experience and Educational Background.

Professional:  CEO of Fathers First Inc.
Professional:  Professor at Indiana University of South Bend
Professional:  Therapist at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center 
Professional:  Traveling Seminar Presenter for PESI
Education:  Bachelors in Sociology (University of Dayton)
Education:  Masters in Social Work (Indiana University)
Education:  Doctore in Business Administration (one year left) (Walden University)
Licenses:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licenses:  Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor

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